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Data Privacy in Sports

  • Professional athletes leverage the law to protect themselves in many ways.  They do so financially, contractually and for their name image and likeness.   Most recently, however, the issue of data privacy of the athlete has gone by the wayside.  As sports analysis continuously becomes more data driven, the question becomes, who the data belongs to?  

  • Types of data: 

    • In Game Statistics​

    • Health Statistics

    • Performance data 

  • Data analysis by sports teams is a great way to perfect strategy and performance of the athletes but it comes at a cost of personal privacy of the athletes. ​ Athletes, at both the amateur and professional level, deserve transparency and fairness as to how their data is produced and transacted.  Our firm is working very hard to provide a program which preserves the player's rights to both revenues and privacy at the same time.  Call us for further information. 

Additional Information

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