Immigration Court

Removal Proceedings - Deportation

Persons who have made a valid entry into the United States and have violated their status, as well as persons who entered unlawfully and are later arrested by the U.S. Immigration Service, are subject to removal proceedings. These people are issued a Notice to Appear which schedules a hearing on a certain day before an Immigration Judge. If an one is in custody he or she may either be released or detained, depending upon family ties, the nature of the problem, and the likelihood that the person will appear before the Immigration Judge.

A variety of forms of relief from removal are available, including cancellation of removal, political asylum, voluntary departure, adjustment of status and other technical and administrative grounds of relief.

If a person is placed into removal proceedings and/or has questions about his or her immigration status, it is imperative that they retain competent legal counsel since their future ability to remain or return to the United States is at risk.

It is important to remember that only licensed Immigration Attorneys can provide legal assistance.  If you or someone you know is in this situation, please contact us for a consultation.